6 Best Bootstrap WordPress Themes in 2022

Best Bootstrap WordPress Themes

Best Bootstrap WordPress Themes

Best Bootstrap WordPress Themes Many WordPress theme developers use Bootstrap CSS to create their themes. In fact, the official WordPress theme catalog alone has over 400 free Bootstrap-based themes.

What’s the deal with this toolkit’s popularity? Bootstrap is an open-source framework that provides a library of reusable code to help developers create responsive themes more quickly.

The fact that Bootstrap was built with mobile in mindsets it apart from other development frameworks. The code was optimized for the smallest screen size initially and then scaled up to fit larger screens. As a result, using Bootstrap ensures that the theme renders correctly and allows for touch zooming on all devices.

Another reason for Bootstrap’s popularity is that it includes templates for forms, buttons, navigation bars, and other interface elements, as well as scripts for dropdowns, transitions, and popovers, among other things. Developers can add features and animations that enhance the visitor experience without having to write them from start using these pre-styled templates and scripts.

A Bootstrap-based theme is required if you want your WordPress website to be totally responsive, engaging, and appealing. Let’s have a look at your greatest possibilities.

1. Angle


Angle is a Bootstrap WordPress theme with a minimalistic flat user interface.

This Bootstrap theme could be an excellent alternative if you enjoy the look of the flat design trend and want to apply it on your website. Because Angle is a multipurpose theme, it should be useful for developing a variety of websites using WordPress. However, if you look at the default pre-built Angle homepage layout, you’ll see that it’s a particularly suitable option for anyone looking to establish a site to showcase their services.

A four-column icon section, ideal for highlighting the key services you offer or the main features of your business, a portfolio section that shows a selection of items from your website’s portfolio area, and a team member panel that lets you share some details about your staff are all features of the pre-built default homepage layout. The testimonials carousel part of the homepage allows you to display feedback from customers and clients.

There are a few additional homepage layout variants you can use instead of the default template if you want to spice things up a little. Two of them use sliders in their layouts, one has a minimalist homepage design, while the other has a retro aesthetic. There’s also a layout that’s been built for developing online stores with WordPress if you’re seeking a Bootstrap eCommerce theme.

Angle comes includes video tutorials, so getting your new site up and running with this theme shouldn’t take long.

2. Omega


Omega is a multi-purpose Bootstrap theme that can be used to build a variety of websites using WordPress.

Omega’s pre-built homepages are grouped into two categories: business and creative. This gives you an idea of who this theme was made for. There are some more generic choices available as well, so check out the Omega theme demos to see if this is a suitable fit for your website.

Your website’s design will be totally mobile responsive regardless of which homepage you choose. If you opt to utilize Omega for your website, your homepage can also include a variety of handy features.

The full-width slider, which works well for sharing information about your services in a slideshow format, the services section, which combines text and images to help you explain your services in greater depth, and the features area, which can be used to highlight other key information about your business, are just a few of the optional features.

Other areas of the pre-built Omega homepages include a panel for introducing some of your team members with a profile photo and a brief piece of text, as well as an area for sharing your work by showing a sample of content from your portfolio. You can also use the pre-built call-to-action sections to encourage users to visit another component of your site, such as the contact page or the portfolio section.

Of course, all of the homepage features are optional, so if you don’t have a team or don’t want to show off your work, you can easily customize what information appears on your homepage using a user-friendly control panel. You may utilize the integrated premium WPBakery page builder plugin and its drag-and-drop content editor to make further modifications to your website.

You can easily add new features to your website because Omega integrates with all of the greatest third-party WordPress plugins.

3. Gridlove


Gridlove is a WordPress news and magazine theme with a variety of grid layouts and designs.

Gridlove is a highly adaptable WordPress theme that can be used to create one-of-a-kind news or online magazine site. The various homepage layouts do an excellent job of giving you a few design options for your website. When it comes to determining the look of your site, you’re not limited after you’ve chosen a template.

A user-friendly interface may be used to change the typefaces used on your site, the colors used in website layouts, and many other variables. When using the Gridlove theme to create a website, there is no need to alter any code.

Gridlove, as the name implies, comes with a plethora of templates that make use of innovative grid layouts to help you present your material in the best possible light. Grid layouts are available in a variety of forms and sizes, including masonry grid layouts and a variety of additional alternatives.

The grid layouts constantly rearrange themselves depending on the size of the device they are being seen on, as the theme’s core is entirely mobile responsive. By visiting the Gridlove demos and then adjusting your browser window, you can see this in action. Your visitors will find it simple to navigate your site on their smartphones thanks to the mobile-friendly menu.

There are several templates to pick from when adding fresh material to your site, in addition to the homepage designs that come with Gridlove. Individual article layouts, archive page designs, and cover areas are all instances of these templates. You may try out all of these features on the Gridlove demonstrations.

Check out the Gridlove templates if you’re developing a blog, news site, or online magazine.

4. SmartBox

SmartBox was intended to assist you in promoting your services and generating more leads online.

SmartBox is well worth checking out if your company requires a professional-looking website or you want to start promoting your freelance services online. Although the classic style of this theme will appeal to some readers, if the general design of SmartBox isn’t quite suitable for your company, you can easily alter it to ensure it suits your branding.

SmartBox comes with a good range of page templates to save you time when constructing your website with this Bootstrap WordPress theme. To name a few, the alternatives include the homepage, about, services, and contact pages.

SmartBox also includes all of the essential templates for adding a blog to your website. There’s also a fantastic selection of portfolio layouts, which allow you to share your work online, which freelancers will like.

SmartBox comes with a variety of shortcodes to let you add helpful components to your pages. You may utilize the shortcode editor to determine how these elements will appear when put into your pages, allowing you a lot of flexibility over the appearance of particular portions of your website, such as client logos, testimonials, and portfolio sections.

SmartBox provides good support for incorporating content from a variety of prominent streaming providers on your pages if you wish to display video content on your website. There’s essentially no limit to the quantity of video content you can add to your website thanks to connectivity with sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

SmartBox may be modified in a variety of ways thanks to its numerous customization possibilities.

5. Leverage


Leverage is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a creative design based on the Bootstrap framework.

The pre-built content that includes this theme may be utilized to construct a wide range of websites with WordPress, as you can see in the Leverage demos. The presentations clearly emphasize assisting people in launching websites for business-related projects like agencies, design studios, and events, so if this seems like the type of website you’re working on, Leverage could be a good fit.

Despite the fact that Leverage includes a large number of demos, the theme’s creators have gone to great lengths to ensure that each one is attractive, current, and unique. When it comes to creating the mobile-friendly samples that make up the Leverage package, they haven’t cut any corners or taken any shortcuts.

As a result, if you need to ensure that your website has a professional appearance to properly represent your company or project, Leverage should fit your needs.

Leverage includes a number of handy features in addition to the templates to assist you in creating the correct type of website. The multi-step forms that come with this theme are an illustration of this. This allows you to effortlessly add contact forms to your website as well as publish more advanced online forms for collecting more information from your visitors and possible clients or customers.

Pricing tables are also included in the demos, allowing you to quickly post information about your service, bundles, and goods on your website. Two other reasons to choose this theme are its compatibility with the Elementor page builder plugin and the inclusion of the paid WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Leverage is an interesting alternative for anyone looking for a high-quality Bootstrap theme, with over 20 stunning demos.

6. Lambda


Lambda is a multipurpose Bootstrap WordPress theme that may be used for a variety of purposes.

With over 65 pre-built samples included in the Lambda package, there aren’t many types of websites that this mobile-friendly WordPress theme can’t rapidly build. You’ll see that the Lambda samples include options for everything from business and creative websites to professional portfolios and personal blogs. Lambda also has e-commerce demos, allowing you to quickly set up a new online store.

You can easily edit the demos to make them more suitable for your project if there isn’t a sample in the Lambda library that is a perfect match for your website. The Lambda templates can be edited using a drag-and-drop interface thanks to the inclusion of the paid WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Changing other aspects of your website is very simple thanks to the settings and options available in the Lambda theme options panel.

The premium Slider Revolution plugin is another useful feature in the Lambda bundle. This program allows you to make elaborate slideshows with images, text, video, and audio. On the Lambda demonstrations, you can see some examples of what Slider Revolution can do, particularly those that include full-width animated slideshows.

It’s surprisingly simple and convenient to get started with Lambda. Simply upload the theme package to your WordPress site, select one of the demos to import using the one-click installer, and begin customizing the templates with your own content.

Because the demonstrations contain a variety of designs, not only homepage layouts, you should be able to quickly add all of the necessary pages to your website. You should be able to generate whatever templates you require using the page builder tool if they aren’t already present.

Individuals and organizations in need of a professional website might consider Lambda.

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