Accounting and Inventory Software

W3 Techniques is best Accounting and Inventory Software provider in Bangladesh with best price. We provide both types of software local and online-based. We also customize Accounting & Inventory Software in BD by following client requirement.

Accounting and Inventory Software


Open customer Accounts and client Branches create Sales Areas, Sales sorts, Sales teams, salesman teams create Sales teams for grouping client Branches Prepare Sales Quotations (with inquiry and making of Sales Orders) Prepare Sales Orders and merchandise Delivery Notes Prepare client Invoices and Credit Notes create Batch Invoicing for quite one delivery order. All of the Sales documents square measure fully editable and printable purpose of sales definitions for higher handling of money sales client Payments and Allocations Company logos will be hooked up to sales documents Dimensions will be elect for Sales Delivery and Invoices Shipping prices and Legal Text will be additional to Invoices Open provider accounts create Purchase Orders, merchandise Received Notes and Payment Terms Clearing of products Received Notes Entry of provider tariffs & connected factor into purchase costs Prepare Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from providers Supplier Payments and Allocations Company logos will be hooked up on documents choice of attaching scanned documents with transactions Record Stock things outline Item classes and Item Locations Record location transfers and alternative changes Set re-order levels for Inventory things Automatic calculation of average material price (per unit) Application of ordinary and overhead prices, into material costs amount of things will be measured into normal units Foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry Prepare bills of materials, Work Center inquiries and Work Order entries practicableness of adding advanced production and straightforward 

collecting options Open Bank and monetary fund Accounts Record payments, deposit and withdrawals in connected accounts varied currencies will be additional and foreign currency translation is additionally done Record bank enquiries and reports Prepare bank accounts reconciliation Transactions will be created void and reprinted Open book of account accounts, account categories Associate in Nursingd teams Record journal entries and budget entries Generate ledger accounts elaborated enquiries with drill down reports create journal enquiries with an choice to read journal entries Closes the year and brings forward maintained earnings Record depreciation entries on amount based mostly create journal entries with corresponding entry in provider / client account Filter book of account reports by dimensions fast entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry and provider invoice/credit Print, Email and Convert into PDF; all the reports Export the reports in MS Excel/Open workplace Calc format Generate reports on periodic and monetary years basis Email documents on to customers create graphical analysis (Horizontal/Vertical Bars, Dot Lines, Pies and Donuts) Tag and save report choices totally completely different firms will be set-up at the same time Separate monetary years will be created and closed against entries Multi-user access with different privileges create backups and restore for firms Date Picker with week numbers for all date fields straightforward Audit Trails Extensions for customizing menu tabs and applications. W3 Techniques is best Accounting & Inventory Software provider in Bangladesh with best price. We provide Accounting & Inventory Software In BD web based also.

Account Management Software Features

Best Account Inventory Software in Bangladesh

Inventory Management System

This is not only accounting software program but also stock control software, by means of which you could track all Product Order, stock control, sales control with Bar-code (POS Sale), earnings & Loss and plenty greater.

Account Financial Management

This software can handle undertaking-smart bills control, Receivables & Payables access, Due fee, stability Transference to different debts and powerful reporting tools to generate month-to-month/weekly or each day reports.

Backup & Gain Better Insight

The software can generate accurate reports based on data. These reports will help you to gain better insights of your business and ensure maximum productivity. This software also keeps and stores your all financial data in a secure place and free from unauthorized access.

User Role Management

With the help of this tool Head of Accounts/CFO or Administrator can control and manage the user profile more efficiently by defining user roles. The administrator can restrict each user access to a specific portion of the software.

Automate Business Operation

With the help of an Accounting and inventory management software, you can easily automate your business operations. This powerful tool will help you to reduce errors and eliminate time spent on data entry.

SMS & e-Mail Send

The organization can send SMS or email to Clients/ Members from their database. SMS & email can be sent by one single click. It can be sent one by one or bulk. Both are supported.

Best Accounting & Inventory Software Services provider is W3 Techniques LTD