All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast SEO Compare WordPress SEO

All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast SEO

All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast SEO

With regards to WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO), two names overshadow the opposition: the massively well-known Yoast SEO and All In One SEO Pack. Discovering which one is the best fit for you can be troublesome, most definitely, since they’re both adored by their clients.

Both modules offer an extraordinary arrangement of components to deal with your SEO, however, they’re not completely equivalent. To make a reasonable evaluation, we need to burrow profound and perceive how they handle explicit parts of SEO.

Coming straight up, we’ll talk a bit about both modules and their key provisions, then, at that point, we’ll look at how they handle three explicit SEO settings. We should get breaking!

The 2 Most Popular WordPress SEO Plugins Introduced

To start things off, we will give you an outline of both modules’ key provisions. Look at this as a starter before we jump into our full correlation.

Yoast SEO


The Yoast SEO module is an undeniable SEO answer for WordPress clients. In addition to the fact that it handles all the ordinary SEO settings including titles, meta portrayals, and permalinks; it additionally incorporates hearty watchword and coherence investigation devices. Both of these give you top to bottom investigation and exhortation to further develop your articles’ SEO and by and large quality.

Key Features:

  • Supports all the most important SEO settings.
  • Comes with thorough documentation for each setting, which guides you through the process of setting them up.
  • Includes a setup wizard if you’re in a hurry.
  • Offers powerful keyword and readability analysis and feedback tools.

All in One SEO Pack

From numerous points of view, All in ONE SEO Pack is basically the same as its primary opponent. The two of them offer across the board answers for SEO for WordPress clients, and beginners can adjust to them rapidly.

Taking everything into account, the principle contrast between both modules is the way that All in One SEO additionally incorporates a few capacities not straightforwardly identified with SEO. For instance, the module packs a couple of WordPress execution fixes added to its repertoire, just as Google AMP support.

Besides, it upholds WooCommerce out of the case free of charge, which Yoast SEO doesn’t. In case you’re searching for an online business SEO arrangement on a tight spending plan, this may very well be it.

Key Features:

  • Includes support for the essential WordPress SEO settings.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce.
  • Comes with several non-SEO-related functions.

Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack Compared

We previously met the two most famous WordPress SEO modules; presently it’s an ideal opportunity to perceive how they measure facing one another. Since we have many settings at play across both modules, we chose to choose what we’d consider the three most significant SEO angles as it were. For every one of them, we’ll perceive how both modules toll, and what benefits they offer over one another.

Titles and Metas

From an SEO stance, titles are the features that web search tools perceive when they get explicit pages and posts. Meta depictions are the rundowns that go with these titles. More than likely, you go over handfuls or even many of them every day.

From an SEO standpoint, titles are the headlines that search engines recognize when they pick up specific pages and posts. Meta descriptions are the summaries that accompany these titles. In all likelihood, you come across dozens or even hundreds of them each day

Yoast SEO features several titles and meta settings sections. These include options for modifying your separators…

Yoast SEO features several

to altering your homepage and post title and meta-templates: Every one of these sections is well categorized and documented. If you’re floundering, all you have to do is scroll up and check the documentation for each setting, included at the top of the page:

Yoast SEO features several

All in One SEO features all these same settings on a single page, so you don’t have to look around too much while altering them. The plugin also includes its own tutorials using links at the top of each section, but they’re not as in-depth as Yoast SEO’s

All in One SEO

All in all, Yoast SEO offers a simpler experience, but no additional features over All in One SEO.

Social Media Settings

Both modules empower you to ‘educate’ web crawlers concerning the online media profiles related to your webpage, for SEO purposes. Yoast SEO upholds every one of the significant online media stages accessible right now and furthermore incorporates extra settings for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+:

All in One SEO

All in One SEO’s free version, on the other hand, only includes support for two social media platforms – Google+ and Pinterest. The plugin’s full version enables you to preview how your posts will look like on Facebook, Twitter, and a couple other social media platforms.

All in One SEO

It’s hard to overstate the importance of social media for websites and SEO these days, and overall, Yoast SEO takes the cake, since it includes several extra options.


Watchwords are apparently the main factor with regards to viable SEO, which is the reason we gave specific consideration to how both modules handle them.

First on the line, Yoast SEO gives us a profoundly noteworthy catchphrase improvement instrument. This is ostensibly one of the primary explanations for the module’s fame, since it includes a broad rundown of guidance for each catchphrase you execute. In case you don’t know where to begin with watchword improvement, it’s difficult to turn out badly with Yoast SEO’s shading reviewing framework.

grading system

Across the board SEO additionally furnishes us with a watchword setting for posts and pages, yet no significant exhortation concerning their execution. From a practical viewpoint, it does likewise work as Yoast SEO, however beginners to SEO may struggle sorting out on the off chance that they’ve committed an error.

board SEO

On the potential gain, All in One SEO incorporates an alternative to produce catchphrases consequently for your posts and pages, contingent upon their substance. Normally, this choice is only sometimes as compelling as manual catchphrase improvement, however it’s there on the off chance that you’re ever in a rush.

All in One SEO


Notwithstanding making a valiant effort, All In One SEO is (as we would like to think) outclassed by Yoast SEO. The last beat it helpfully with regards to plan, convenience, and above all, watchword improvement. That last truth alone is sufficient for us to prescribe Yoast SEO to any clients that view catchphrases in a serious way.

All things considered, All In One SEO isn’t without its potential gains. For one’s purposes, its free form offers full help for WooCommerce, and it has a couple of execution enhancement stunts at its disposal. With everything taken into account, it’s anything but an awful option for clients on a careful spending plan that needn’t bother with much handholding.

We included the two most famous WordPress SEO modules in this article, yet they’re by all account,s not the only choices accessible. Snap here in case you’re searching for another WordPress Hosting supplier where you can utilize and attempt each of these modules.

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