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Bose debuts new Google Assistant-optimized noise cancelling headphones


Bose’s rumored QC 35 II noise-cancelling headphones are rumored no more: Bose made them official today, revealing the update to the company’s popular QC 35 premium noise-cancelling cans.

Google worked with Bose to create the new headphones, the company explained in a new blog post, helping to “optimize” the audio accessory for Assistant, Google’s virtual helper software for iPhone and Android. The headphones have a dedicated Assistant button, which users can push to call up the voice-based companion whenever they want.

They don’t have Assistant on board as a dedicated service, per se – instead, they integrate support for Assistant-based offerings including incoming notifications, audio features like news briefings and voice commands for calling and music playback.

Assistant support will be available on the QC 35 II in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the UK, and the headset retails for $349 in the U.S. – the same price as the QC 35 that came before.

Google mentions in its blog post on the new partnership and integration that it’s been working with Bose on Assistant integration for headphones “starting with” the QC 35 II, which implies that we could see this feature expand to even more of the Bose line.


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ipsy launches its beauty product e-commerce business Shopper as it hits 3M subscribers


ipsy, a subscription service that delivers a collection of products to its users every month, has spent the last six years building up a community with millions of people obsessed with beauty products. And now that the company has more than 3 million subscribers — with a $10 per month subscription cost — it’s ready to get a little bit more aggressive by getting directly into e-commerce.

CEO Marcelo Camberos said the company is launching Shopper, a way for ipsy’s customers to buy products directly from the site rather than wait for them to show up in their monthly Glam Bag. Now, instead of just waiting for the five beauty products in the mail every month, its users will be able to buy products from a myriad of brands on the site directly — opening up a much wider swath of the beauty industry to ipsy, which last raised $100 million about two years ago.

“We’ve never envisioned ourselves as a subscription service, we envisioned ourselves as a disruptive beauty community,” Camberos said. “Our mission is to inspire individuals around the world to express their unique beauty. Everything we do is about self-expression. The Glam Bag and everything else has all been super personalized from the beginning. When I came up with the name for the company, the legal name, it was Personalized Beauty Discovery Inc., it was always meant to be about personalized beauty.”

And this kind of move is not only inspired by the opportunity to get into e-commerce but the company’s ability to build a very robust understanding of who actually uses ipsy and how to grow. Each month, the company produces more than 10,000 variations of its Glam Bags based on the recommendations it generates from the hundreds of data points from its users. That’s meant ipsy has had to build out a big team focused on machine learning as it looks to chase the demands of its users before they even realize they want certain products.

“There’s a lot of lip service around data, and I think even for us in the first two years, we talked a lot about data,” Camberos said. “We’ve made huge investments in it. From the very beginning we’ve had a quiz. Most people who take the quiz connect their Facebook accounts. We have hundrteds of specific data points, people want to give us that data because they want us to give them better products. We get over 5 million product reviews every month. We have a team of over 40 people who do that. If we do a good job, [customers] stay with us a lot longer, and they’re likely to tell their friends how great ipsy is.”

ipsy also said it will be divesting EM Cosmetics, a brand led by co-founder Michelle Phan, as it looks to be more of a neutral party where brands can come and get their products into the hands of users. Rather than building direct-to-consumer brands, Camberos said it wants to utilize its massive community of 8,000 influencers to help brands more effectively reach customers — whether they’re well-known or emerging brands that are looking to get their start. All this is an effort to tap a growing audience of beauty enthusiasts that aren’t just going to malls and retailers to pick up their products.

As ipsy looks to grow, it’s going to lean heavily on that word of mouth and keep its cost of customer acquisition low. With millions of users paying $10 a month, it has the leeway to heavily invest in this new emerging business. But it also has to be careful not to fall into the trap of emerging consumer brands that end up aggressively spending to expand into new markets — especially ones that are outside of their sweet spot, which is often urban markets. ipsy, however, has always had a big following in middle America and is able to grow in multiple markets outside of just the urban bubble, Camberos said.

“We’ve never been an urban company,” he said. “We do over-index in beauty enthusiasts and people who really see beauty as a way to express themselves. They’re maybe less the beauty traditionalists, and maybe that’s why we’re a little less popular in the coasts. It’s not even about targeting, it’s about who’s really gravitated to our service. It’s people who are really into self-expression, but it’s not really been a coastal thing. Our base state is pretty stable, very representative of the whole country.”

One of the biggest challenges now, Camberos said, will actually be holding on to the machine learning team that it’s assembled. ipsy has the luxury of getting a lot of data around a specific set of products, meaning it’s a playground where engineers have an opportunity to experiment and rapidly adapt to the demands of their users. It may be in beauty, but it’s a problem that’s very attractive to the team it’s built by virtue of the data and the complexity of the operation.

Phan played a big part in building momentum for ipsy, but Camberos said that it’s build up a large enough influencer network that the company will help do a good job of ramping up its new e-commerce side on its own. While there’s certainly demand for products like this — Stitch Fix, for example, has built a business strong enough that it has confidentially filed to go public — there are also a lot of businesses that are still trying to figure out their footing. But with a robust customer base, Camberos is hoping that ipsy will be able to target a market it’s always expected to go after at some point — and that now is the right time.


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Freight startup Flexport soars from ‘unsexy’ to $800M valuation


Flexport handles the boring logistics of a trillion-dollar business: the transport of shipping containers around the world. Because the work of freight forwarding seemed so bland, it was long ignored by the tech world. But digitizing the paperwork let Flexport speed up shipping so clients keep less inventory on hand while never running out.

When you apply that optimization to how every container full of electronics, clothes or food gets from factory to store, Flexport keeps getting smarter as the value piles up. That’s why just a year after raising $65 million at a valuation of $365 million, TechCrunch has learned Flexport has just closed a huge new round of funding, according to five sources.

Initially, Flexport was receiving offers valuing it at over $1 billion, but turned those down in favor of a more manageable valuation. Multiple sources now confirm that the startup has completed a $110 million Series C at an $800 million pre-money valuation. The round is mostly filled with existing investors, including DST.

What we’ve kept hearing is that Flexport co-founder Ryan Petersen is a favorite amongst investors. “He’s a machine,” said one of TechCrunch’s sources. After growing up buying scooters from China and fencing them online, he co-founded ImportGenius to scan and sell shipping manifest data about imports. That led him to realize how antiquated freight forwarding was, paving the way for Flexport’s start in 2013.

“They’re hiring like crazy,” one source said. Flexport appears to be trying to scale up fast enough to compete with entrenched giants in the shipping space, like FedEx, DHL and Expeditors, that can’t adapt to new technology as quickly. Meanwhile, it’s looking to box out upstart competitors picking away at parts of the freight forwarding equation, including Freightos, Haven and Fleet.

Soon after TechCrunch wrote a story about the company being “The unsexiest trillion-dollar startup,” we started receiving aggressive pitches from these competitors. Fusion’s Alexis Madrigal shined a light on how interesting the business could be with his podcast series Containers, which was sponsored by Flexport. And Flexport raised its $65 million Series B last September that brought it to $94 million in total funding. A year later, its value has more than doubled.

Flexport founder and CEO Ryan Petersen

Now the company has over 400 employees in seven offices. It earns roughly 15 percent of the average $2,000 it costs to move a shipping container around the world, compared to 25 percent that its competitors charge. Petersen told Forbes he expects revenue of $500 million this year, yet that still makes Flexport an underdog. “There are 25 freight forwarders that each do more than $1 billion in revenue a year,” he said. “None of them was founded after Netscape.”

That’s Flexport’s advantage. Tracking everything with paper leads its older competitors to see clients individually. Flexport wholistically analyzes all its data to optimize shipping routes and simplify relationships with ports, truck drivers and anyone else that touches a container. That’s allowed it to shave off five days of travel time for moving less than a container full of goods.

Now it’s opening its own “cross docks” — warehouses where it can temporarily store clients’ goods until it can batch their transport with other shipments going to the same place. That way it’s always moving full containers with maximum efficiency. Flexport already has cross docks in Hong Kong and LA, but Petersen foresees having a global network.

The new capital could help Flexport pay for transitioning from a pure-play software company merely handling routing logistics to being an actual freight company. This shift from bits to atoms doesn’t come cheap, but with plenty of revenue waiting to be stolen from sluggish competitors, it’s having no problem finding the capital.

TechCrunch has heard that many of Flexport’s existing investors, which number at least 57, were shut out of the new round despite being interested. And while investors were happily offering it a valuation of $1 billion or more, Petersen didn’t want to get in over his head and risk a down-round later if the market stumbled.

The obvious, glamorous verticals of tech have been overrun with startups. Everyone seems to have a photo-sharing app or some “revolutionary” artificial intelligence play. There’s an old adage that the best startup ideas are often at the intersection of “seems like a bad idea” and “is a good idea,” as Peter Thiel, the leader of Flexport investor Founders Fund, has said.

But as the mainstream embraces startup culture and aspiring founders flood Silicon Valley, there seems to be no shortage of people willing to chase things that seem like a bad idea. Perhaps an addendum to the startup seeker’s mantra should be “Seems bad and boring.” That’s where there are still gold mines untapped.

Additional reporting by Ingrid Lunden

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch


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Google Cloud adds support for more powerful Nvidia GPUs


Google Cloud Platform introduced support for some powerful Nvidia GPUs on Google Compute Engine in the present day.

For starters, the corporate is making Nvidia Ok80 GPUs usually out there. On the similar time, it’s launching help for Nvidia P100 GPUs in Beta together with a brand new sustained pricing mannequin.

For corporations working with machine studying workloads, getting access to GPUs within the cloud supplies them with flexibility to pay for what they use with by the minute pricing, and the sustained pricing mannequin means in the event that they find yourself operating the GPUs for a sustained time period, they stand up to a 30 p.c low cost, relying on the utilization. In different phrases, they don’t get whacked with an enormous invoice as a result of they just like the service.

And Google is claiming that this strategy may present naked metallic type of efficiency. “Cloud GPUs are provided in passthrough mode to supply bare-metal efficiency. Connect as much as four P100 or eight Ok80 per VM (we provide as much as four Ok80 boards, that include 2 GPUs per board),” Google wrote in the blog post asserting the GPU help.

What’s extra, Google is providing the pliability to run GPU workloads in digital machines or containers and they’re delivering the service in 4 areas all through the world.

Screenshot 2017-09-21 12.28.20.png

Map: Google

Google is seeing prospects use this service for quite a lot of compute-intensive duties reminiscent of genomics, computational finance and coaching and inference on machine studying fashions. The 2 completely different chips give groups the pliability to decide on the chips they should optimally run their workloads whereas balancing pace and pricing. Amongst their early GPU cloud prospects is Shazam, which makes use of GPU to assist gas its music identification service.

Featured Picture: Bloomberg/Getty Photographs


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The all-screen Apple iPhone X is here, and it’s the new iPhone you’ll want


Apple has announced the iPhone X, a new smartphone made to commemorate the iPhone’s tenth anniversary. The subject of many rumors over the past months, here are all the official details about the exciting device.

The post The all-screen Apple iPhone X is here, and it’s the new iPhone you’ll want appeared first on Digital Trends.


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Drone deliveries are about to be a thing in Switzerland


Why it matters to you

The fact that this drone delivery system has passed the trial stage and features drones flying over urban areas is another step forward for companies keen to use the technology for deliveries.

At last, a full-fledged drone delivery operation that has passed the trial stage and gained permission to deliver items in densely populated urban areas.

OK, this particular service isn’t aimed at internet shoppers, but its imminent launch at least shows that the platform is edging toward wider use and acceptance in a range of applications.

Silicon Valley, California-based startup Matternet has been developing its drone delivery system in Switzerland in partnership with Swiss Post, and will launch an autonomous drone delivery network there next month.

Instead of flying pizza to hungry residents, or bringing books and other items to online shoppers, Matternet has focused its efforts on medicine, designing a system that will help carry vital supplies such as blood and pathology samples between labs and hospitals.

It’s notable for two reasons. First, Matternet’s delivery platform has gone beyond the trial stage, with full-time operation set to launch in October. And second, the company has been given approval to fly its drones over populated areas. Yes, this is the kind of authorization that Amazon and similar outfits are desperate to receive for drone deliveries in the U.S. However, the Federal Aviation Administration still needs some convincing that flying autonomous drones over urban areas is safe.

The company unveiled a vital part of its technology — the Matternet Station — in a video posted on Wednesday, September 20. This is a fixed docking station located at the start and finish of the drone’s journey, ensuring secure and accurate delivery to a safe, clean environment, with the recipient able to access the consignment by scanning a QR code.

“With the Matternet Station, we’re introducing an extremely easy-to-use interface that enables true peer-to-peer drone delivery,” CEO Andreas Raptopoulos said. “For healthcare systems, an integrated Matternet network means that medical items can be delivered to any hospital facility within 30 minutes. This level of speed and predictability creates substantial opportunities for improved quality of care and operational savings.”

Matternet’s autonomous M2 drone can carry a package weighing up to 4.4 pounds over a maximum distance of 12 miles, flying at around 40 mph.

Swiss Post’s Nathalie Derobert Fellay told Digital Trends earlier this year that drones were an efficient way of moving supplies from A to B: “Instead of having transportation on the road, where you may be stuck in traffic for a long period of time, transportation by drone is significantly faster. It’s also better for the patient because we can run it 24 hours a day.”


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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site For The Search Engines

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site For The Search Engines

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site For The Search EnginesDid you understand? Nearly 8 out of 10 individuals are actually purchasing online.

About seventy-nine% of u.S. Purchasers locate what they want and organize them thru the internet.

With that superb information on how modern-day era has now affected customers’ behavior, it’s no longer surprising to peer that increasingly more humans want to launch a web enterprise.

You are probably a person who desires to begin selling on the net. Or possibly, you already have a store, however, are searching out methods to increase its visibility and recognition.

One of the simplest ways to do this? Optimize your online save for the search engines like google.

Allow’s discover the one-of-a-kind techniques on how you could up your ratings for search engines like google, bing, and Yahoo.

Part i: optimize excessive-impact pages

The high-effect pages are the maximum visited pages for your website. They’re the ones that appeal to more site visitors and stimulate more engagement from your users.

In most cases, those high-impact pages consist of the homepage, product pages, class pages, weblog posts and trending pages. Right here are some pointers for you:

Tip #1: decide your goal keywords. You want to understand the most commonplace phrases (or key phrases) that your target market are the usage of. From there, insert the ones key phrases to your excessive-impact pages and of the path, your metadata. Consist of textual facts that is useful, descriptive and applicable.

While selecting keywords, you need to remember its search volume, relevance, vicinity-based popularity, and ranking trouble. So how will you locate the fine keywords for you?

Use keyword tools. Use keyword tools to discover which key phrases you must use for your excessive-impact pages. If you are on a budget, you can opt to use loose tools inclusive of Google’s keyword planner. In case you’d want to shop time and generate extra effective keywords, you can go for paid search engine optimization gear like semrush.
Refine your keyword listing. Concentrated on all keywords might be a waste of time. Generate traffic quicker through starting with low opposition keywords. The quicker you generate visitors, the quicker your website becomes established and improve your chances of having high search scores.
Stalk your competitors’ approach. In maximum cases, your competition has already made a sizable stride of their search engine optimization campaigns. Check out their internet site and take a look at how they use keywords, then recognition on how they present their usual emblem. Take note of their popular merchandise and homepage. By using doing so, you get an idea which keywords are most worthwhile.

Tip #2: use lengthy-tail keywords. Inside the best feel, lengthy-tail key phrases typically encompass at the least 3 phrases. Most searchers don’t simply use a single word when searching out something. Long-tail keywords are greater unique, and they play a big function in seek engine configuration. Right here’s an example:

See how specific are the ones key phrases in the car entire seek bar? That’s what you want to do. Be as unique as possible consisting of inserting shade(s), size or sort of your product.

Recollect, those who use lengthy-tail key phrases have a higher conversion price because they recognize exactly what they are seeking out.

Also, there may be a lesser competition in concentrated on lengthy-tail keywords considering they intention for niche demographics as opposed to mass audiences, so they have a higher danger of allowing you to rank better for popular topics.

When you discern out the keywords you want to use, do the subsequent:

Tip #three: write particular & compelling metadata for each web page. Keep your meta identify below 60 characters at the same time as a hundred and sixty characters in your meta description.

Tip #4: use alt tags to your photographs. Insert keywords and descriptive alt tags.

Tip #five: use search-engine pleasant URLs. Use URLs which can be readable by each human and serps. Make sure that your URLs are simple and easy. Avoid extraordinary symbols, numbers, and character combinations that don’t make the experience.

Tip #6: optimize your homepage. Shape your navigation bar. Add visuals (set descriptive alt tags) of your most important merchandise/offerings which might be inviting with textual records. Add hyperlinks on your maximum famous products/services. Add a first-rate tagline together with your important key phrases. If you’re nearby, make sure to position your location. Here’s an awesome instance (see how it has the “Toronto” keyword):

Tip #7: optimize product pages

Create precise product descriptions. Exert the attempt to jot down an in-intensity content of up to 1,000 words for every product. You may encompass the size, capabilities, colors, customer’s f.A.Q. And reviews. Test out a few merchandise on Amazon for thoughts!
Incorporate purchaser opinions: critiques clearly generate key phrases to your content material (such as lengthy-tail key phrases). Every evaluates continues your content sparkling and updated. The critiques additionally help with growing a number of phrases in line with the web page. Do not forget, engines like google love energetic & thick content material. Additionally, evaluations could make your users spend extra time for your web page that may lower your website’s bounce fee.
Keep out-of-stock product pages stay. You don’t want to frustrate customers with a 404 web page, and search engines can don’t forget those as damaged hyperlinks. Simply go away page as is and specify its repute. You may use that page to introduce differently associated merchandise. Pro tip: adding “email me when again in stock” message is the satisfactory method.
Installation rich snippets. Boom your CTR with rich snippets. Include relevant statistics which includes inventory records, reviews, scores, the name of sellers, the circumstance of merchandise, and others. Here’s an instance:

Tip #8: optimize categories & tag pages

Link to related classes. Every so often, your merchandise percentage a not unusual subject matter. In this example, it’s first-class which you do go-linking. As an example, if you have products for helmets, try and add a link for gloves or boots. These items fall beneath private protective equipment.
Top products. Highlight your pinnacle products and most considered gadgets in each class & tag pages.
Element ii: use strategic inner linking

Internal linking is an vital way to lead your customers from one web page to any other. The greater hyperlink juice that a page gets, the higher for search engine optimization.

Tip #9: hyperlink to high precedence pages. Link your major categories or products/services to your navigation bar and/or your footer. For instance, when you have a blog publish that has generated a variety of site visitors, make sure you upload hyperlinks on that web page that results in your fine products or class pages.

Tip #10: use breadcrumbs. In the search engine optimization perspective, breadcrumbs help robots and spiders to discover their way back in your homepage. For human beings, it facilitates them track where they may be to your internet site and offers them a feel of path when navigating from one web page to some other. The breadcrumbs shows a string of webpages, out of your homepage to the cutting-edge page you are currently viewing. They’re generally determined on top of a internet site’s web page.

Tip #11: hyperlink to associated products. Add a section that recommends associated products in your clients. No longer handiest it allows generate one-way links, it may also enhance your sales.

Pro tip: limit the range of hyperlinks you upload per page, you don’t want to look like a “link farm” internet site to the search engines. Here’s a beneficial video for you.

Component iii: enhance usability

Do not forget, you construct your website for your clients and now not the alternative way round. It’s usually customers first. So make your website as person-pleasant as possible. You don’t want your customers to go away your website the minute they land for your page.

Tip #12: arrange your website’s shape. Your clients must be able to pass from one web page to some other with no trouble.

Your site’s navigation should be smooth to recognize, test & observe. Use your target audience’s language.
Vicinity your seek bar someplace visible. Allow predictive searches and comprise product typographic errors to your search bar.
Make your checkout technique as short as viable. The lesser steps, the higher.
Use a live chat widget. It doesn’t just lessen your website online’s bounce fee, but it offers you the opportunity to promote to them first-hand.
Ultimately, area your contact details someplace seen (normally at the header) so clients can without problems attain you.
Right here’s an excellent example:

Tip #13: improve web page load pace. Normally, human beings don’t like ready. Your website ought to load fast. Even google considers velocity when rating websites. Right here are some recommendations:

Decrease your documents’ records length. Compressing movies, photographs, and other content material.
Improve your hosting. When you have the budget, purchase internet website hosting plans that offer faster loading velocity.
Put money into a cdn. Content delivery network, or honestly cdn, improves loading velocity and growth internet protection.
For extra web site velocity optimization strategies, study this article here.

Tip #14: optimize for cell customers. The stats range, however consistent with surveys, approximately 70-ninety percentage of purchasers do their purchasing through their cellular devices.

The majority now uses their smartphones and capsules to access the net. This is going on to say that it’s vital to have a responsive internet site – a internet site which could accommodate specific screen size.

So it’s important which you make your website cellular pleasant. It way that they are able to nonetheless shop via your website without issue.

Element iv: prioritize running a blog

Blogging is a crucial part of your ecommerce achievement. It enables to you keep your internet site’s fresh, decreases soar charge, generate back-links, improve emblem photograph, enhance niche authority, and improve normal enterprise boom.

Recall these statistics approximately blogging:

Running a blog is regularly on the upward push and could retain within the destiny
23% of net utilization time is spent on studying blogs
77% of internet users read blogs
Corporations that often weblog have 97% extra inbound links
Sixty one% of us consumers have made a buy based totally at the blogs they read
60% of weblog readers consider a employer with blogs extra reliable and truthful
And the listing of fantastic matters simply is going on and on for blogging…
Here are some pointers on a way to be powerful for your running a blog effort:

Put up outstanding content material constantly. You can create an interview posts, how-to posts, idea posts, interesting statistics, list posts (which includes 10 pleasant ____, 10 top), and posts which can be associated with trending topics.
Invite influential human beings in your niche to visitor publish for you.
Be unique, attractive, useful, relevant, and informative.
Allow remarks for engagement. It also enhance’s your content’s duration.
Create catchy but search engine optimization-friendly titles.
Improve the readability of your content with the usage of visuals, subtitles and bullets.
Add social sharing buttons. Make it less difficult on your readers to unfold your content.
Sprinkle some applicable key phrases & use your target audience’s language.
And of path, sell. Actively sell your content material everywhere. There are such a lot of methods to promote your blog posts. But here’s a beneficial guide for you.
Tip #15: guest weblog on other web sites. Generate greater publicity and outbound hyperlinks with visitor blogging. Make certain to guest publish for set up blogs within your niche.

Component v: run a technical search engine optimization audit often

Performing an search engine optimization audit regularly is a key to preserving your strong on-line presence. The frequency of doing SEO auditing may vary from one website to another, but it need to be accomplished at the least as soon as each six months. A number of my favorite tools are pingdom & semrush.

There are distinct motives you need to do search engine optimization auditing. For one, search engines like google are continuously updating their algorithms. Search engine optimization auditing is likewise a extraordinary manner for you to identify old content material and attach the trouble consequently.

Lastly, it keeps your internet site applicable, clean, and up to date.

Tip #16: keep away from reproduction content material

Replica content can hurt your search engine optimization ratings. But, replica content material happens unintentionally from time to time. As an instance, url variations, session ids, similar product description made by way of other bloggers, and protocol identifiers can result in duplicate content material.

That’s why search engine optimization auditing may be very critical to address this trouble.

So how are you going to fix duplicate content problems? Here are a number of them:

301 redirect – redirect reproduction content to the unique content with 301 redirect method.
Rel=”canonical” – the usage of the rel-canonical characteristic tells engines like google to deal with an internet page as a replica of a targeted url. This also permits engines like google to switch all content metrics and ranking electricity of the required reproduction content material to the original page.
Specify domain and parameters – use the google search console to pick which area of your web site you select.
Meta robots noindex – add this meta robots tag to the html head of your replica content material to prevent search engines like google and yahoo from indexing it. An awesome benefit of using the meta robots tag is it lets in engines like google to nevertheless get right of entry to the duplicate web page whilst permitting you to preserve beneficial content.
Use duplicate content identifier tools – examples of these gear consist of screaming frog, siteliner, and copyscape.
Tip #17: add xml sitemap

Permit engines like google to move slowly your internet site more effectively and see how regularly you replace your content with xml sitemap. The xml sitemap also tells search engines which of your hyperlinks are extra vital and relevant for traffic. My favourite xml sitemap generator is xml sitemaps or search engine optimization yoast (for wordpress).

Tip #18: often take a look at errors on google site owners

The google webmaster equipment allows webmasters to check the fame of their indexing capabilities and decorate the visibility in their internet site. With google webmasters, you may attain a list of defective hyperlinks or the ones which google bots have issue crawling. To check, go to crawl > move slowly mistakes.

Tip #19: closely monitor google’s set of rules updates

Maximum webmasters know that they’re occasionally on the mercy of google’s set of rules. Sometimes, google makes important updates that can negatively affect your search engine optimization strategies.

In this example, you ought to constantly be updated with the modern day news about google’s adjustments of their algorithm.

You can achieve this by using subscribing to newsletters and blogs of semrush, kissmetrics, mashable, and hubspots, simply to call a few.

Final phrases

There are myriads of suggestions and tutorials accessible on the net on a way to achieve success in strolling your on-line keep.

But, this article gives you the gist of the complete subject. It’s an overview of what it takes to maintain your internet site up and going for walks and ensure you have what it takes to stay on top of your competition.

I hope you found out plenty from our put up. Make sure you leave your remarks or questions below.

ifttt easy social

Best Free social media automation tools – Free boost social media marketing

Digital marketing is now a big marketing part of any type of business. There are several ways to Digital Marketing like SEO, SEM, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. Social Media Marketing is a free and easiest way to digital marketing.

But where? There are many social media available and most are important!

If want manages all social profile at a time it’s a long time. But don’t worry this post will save your time to social media marketing. There are may social media automation tools available on the internet they provide free social media management service. In this post, you will know about 5 best social media automation tools. These 5 tools help you to boost your social media marketing and also save your lot of time.

Following features are free to provide these 5 tools.

Schedule facebook posts

Automatic social media posting

At a time post to all site

Let’s scroll down to know about 5 best social media automation tools.


ifttt easy social

IFTTT is free automation services. IFTTT is not only social automation service there are lot of automation tools like blog automation, email automation etc.. IFTTT is a free web-based service that enables users to make chains of easy conditional statements, called “applets”, which area unit triggered based mostly on changes to different internet services like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. IFTTT is an abbreviation of “If This Then That


  • Services (formerly known as channels) ar the “basic building blocks of IFTTT”, they mainly describe a series of information from a particular internet service like YouTube or eBay. It can additionally describe some actions controlled with sure arthropod genus like SMS. Sometimes, it can represent data in terms of weather or stocks. There are specific triggers and actions in every channel.
  • Triggers are the “this” part of the associated applet. They are the things that “trigger” the action. For example, from an RSS feed, you can receive a notification supported a keyword or phrase.
  • Actions are the “that” part of the associated applet. They are the output that results from the input of the trigger.
    Applets (formerly known as recipes) ar the predicates made of Triggers and Actions. For example, if you like any picture in Instagram (trigger), the photo can be sent to your Dropbox account (action).
  • Ingredients are basic information created available from a trigger. For example, the data that ar available from the e-mail trigger embrace subject, body, attachment, received date, and the sender’s address.

2. Buffer

buffer easy social

Buffer is a web-based application developed to manage many accounts in social networks, by serving the means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin free. Buffer has premium service also. We can link free 6 social network theses are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Free features

Buffer allows users to schedule posts sent through the request to the user’s social media accounts. This feature can schedule and send posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. There are varied default timeslots in the application, which are primarily based on the days throughout the day once social media users are most active online. However, Buffer does enable its users to send or take away the default timeslots if they want to try to thus. The free version of the application allows the most limit of ten posts to be regular at any given time, and only permits the management of one social media account per social media website. Buffer also contains options that provide post suggestions to users and gives info on a number of clicks, retweets, likes, favorites, mentions and potential views every post has, which is primarily based on a number of feeds that single feed would show au courant

The Buffer application is compatible with three totally different platforms:

Browser: allows the application to work as downloaded extensions for 3 browsers, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
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Entrepreneurs - W3 Techniques

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs for stay happy and productive

Being an enterpriser isn’t a cake walk. Between running a business, juggling a private life and managing unforeseen obstacles that come back your approach, several entrepreneurs, sadly, find yourself sacrificing their health for profits.

Here are 5 tips to help you become a happy, fit, and productive entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs - W3 Techniques


1. Have a good plan

Successful businesses begin with an idea. This is their blueprint, that guides them on the right actions required for the achievement. while not a blueprint, you won’t have an idea to guide you, and this will increase the danger of obtaining lost and dropping.

If you need to thin, take a step back and develop a blueprint for the way you may move this. whereas developing your health and fitness blueprint, believe you’re business and private life. the perfect fitness set up meshes along with your skilled and private life whereas still supporting your physical and performance goals.

2. Reduce your decisions.

Adding uncalled-for choices to your daily life isn’t ideal and can solely increase the possibilities of you littered with call fatigue. But, by reducing your choices, you’re up your mental and emotional fitness whereas saving your brain power for the large choices among your business.

So however are you able to cut back your choices whereas obtaining healthier? a simple one for your nutrition is to appear into employing a meal delivery service for your uptake. This takes away the idea and saves you time and energy.

3. Tiny is your friend.

As a busy enterpriser, you don’t have uncounted hours to pay within the gymnasium. this can be why the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement is your ally.

Tiny — suppose 1 % — and nearly easy steps become monumental feats over the long-standing time. Utilizing this approach ensures that you just will not run the danger of overwhelming yourself and probably busybodied with running your business.

4. Get some headspace.

A great thanks to facilitating your emotional and mental fitness is to start out meditating. this does not get to be fancy or difficult, simply put aside 5-10 minutes, and acquire some indefinite quantity.

Meditation causes you to a more robust business person by up your work-related stress, uptake habits, system, focus, mood and creativeness — that successively helps your bottom line. to urge started, cross-check exploitation associated app like Calm.

5. Intensity over duration.

“I’m too busy” is one amongst the foremost widespread excuses for several entrepreneurs not travail. whereas you’ll be busy, this isn’t a decent enough excuse to not watch out of your health.

When it involves rising your fitness and physique, the standard of your exercise choices matters over the length and amount of exercises performed. Shortening your rest periods and victimisation supersets (performing exercises back-to-back) area unit nice choices for reducing some time within the gymnasium.

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