12 Best Bookstore WordPress Themes For Selling Books (2022)

Bookstore WordPress Themes

Best Bookstore WordPress Themes

This assortment of the best book shop WordPress subjects for selling books online will assist you with sending off your new site quickly by any means.Bookstore WordPress Themes

These subjects work with the main WordPress web based business modules to empower you to distribute items, sell things from your website, and gather installments on the web. On account of this full help for modules like WooCommerce, your internet based store will have a reliable look, from the initial step of the web based shopping experience to the last.

A considerable lot of these book shop subjects can be utilized to sell books in a wide range of ways. A few subjects are especially appropriate to making enormous internet based book shops with great many distributions, from different writers. Different topics have been worked to advance the most recent book from a solitary writer, while others can be utilized to make a writer landing page, or a site for a distributing organization. In any case, one thing that these topics share for all intents and purpose is that they can be utilized to sell books on the web.

Albeit the site demos of these topics look extraordinary, they can be generally altered here and there, after they’ve been brought into your WordPress Dashboard. So assuming you see a demo that is a decent counterpart for your venture, yet not exactly awesome, all things considered, you’ll have the option to handily modify the default settings to give it a more appropriate look.

Anything kind of book shop you need to make, this assortment should assist you with finding an appropriate choice for selling books online with WordPress.

1. Bookie


Bookie has been made to assist you with building a WordPress-controlled web based business shop that advances and sells eBooks.

On account of Bookie’s help for the main web-based shop manufacturer module, WooCommerce, you’ll experience no difficulty dealing with your stock, distributing appealing item pages, and maybe in particular, gathering installments from your clients.

The Bookie WordPress topic incorporates some well planned page layouts that will assist with giving your eBook store an expert look and feel. This not just incorporates the layouts for the web-based store pages, yet additionally the three landing page layouts you can look over and the different blog entry design formats on offer. Distributing book surveys on your site is simple as well, on account of the relating page layout.

While the pre-assembled layouts should address your issues, because of the consideration of the superior WPBakery Page Builder module, you’ll have the option to adjust them or make your own without any preparation. This work all happens through a front-end, intuitive UI, eliminating the need to plunge into the hidden code.

While a great deal of thought has clearly been placed into the presence of this topic, assuming you pick Bookie your eBook site can likewise have an easy to use interface. Because of the menus and authoritative elements of Bookie, you can make your site simple to explore, assisting your guests with seeing what you bring to the table and observe what they are searching for.

If you have any desire to make a web-based store for selling printed books and computerized eBooks, the Bookie subject incorporates every one of the elements you should require.

2. Pustaka


Pustaka is another internet business topic, constructed explicitly to assist you with selling books on the web.

Whether you need to make an enormous web-based book shop site with WordPress, or basically list a couple of your books available to be purchased on the web, Pustaka and its seven site demos can help. This topic is likewise a decent choice for making sites to advance a solitary book, so whether you have another delivery you need to create interest in, or you really want to send off a writer site, Pustaka could function admirably.

The online business usefulness is dealt with by the freemium WooCommerce module, making it conceivable to sell actual duplicates of your books from your site, or convey advanced downloads straightforwardly to your clients. You can likewise utilize the multivendor backing to allow different writers to join at your site and rundown their books and different items available to be purchased. You can then acquire a commission from the deals their books produce, or then again, charge them a level expense for admittance to your eBook commercial center.

One more fascinating element of Pustaka is a uber menu apparatus that allows you to improve your route regions by showing extra happy in your drop-down menus, for example, book covers. You can likewise utilize this subject to make a book-related site that advances books accessible on Amazon, then each time somebody purchases a book from Amazon subsequent to following a connection to the store from your site, you procure a commission. This usefulness is controlled by the included WooZone module, and will assist you with adapting your book survey blog or one more kind of book-related webpage.

To empower you to redo the pre-developed content that makes the Pustaka subject, you gain admittance to the KingComposer module. Because of this, you can open up the landing page formats and inward page content plans, and afterward alter them by means of the intuitive connection point of this apparatus. So if you have any desire to make a custom book shop site, you should have the option to do as such with this off-the-rack subject.

Notwithstanding the primary site demos, Pustaka has three point of arrival plans for advancing new deliveries.

3. Kalium


Kalium is a feature-rich WordPress theme with a bookstore website demo.

Although Kalium comes with multiple website demos, the bookstore option is the one that will be most relevant to anyone reading this guide. Designed to help you create an online presence for your high street bookstore, build an ecommerce store that sells books, or a combination of the two, the Kalium bookstore demo is well worth checking out. There are other ecommerce demos in the Kalium package, so maybe check those out too. However, if you want a demo that’s been built specifically for creating bookstore websites, there is one here.

To help you promote the books you’re selling, the Kalium bookstore demo comes with a good selection of different templates for this exact task. The book page layouts ensure that you can present the information about a particular title in the best way possible. However, if you want to create a custom page for a book at your store, you can do that, too, by using the supported page builder tool.

WPBakery Page Builder is the drag-and-drop content editor tool that comes with Kalium. Thanks to this, you can not only adjust the existing demo templates through an easy-to-use editor but also design your unique page layouts from scratch.

If you want to sell books and other items from your website, you can do so easily with Kalium. However, this theme works just as well in catalog mode if you’d rather share what you have available in store but not sell those books online. You can also use the events functionality of Kalium to list the details of upcoming events on your website, such as book groups or author presentations that are taking place in your store.

Kalium is a great example of a general-purpose WordPress theme that also happens to have a ready-made bookstore demo.

4. Bookworm

Bookworm is a modern bookstore theme with 13 different homepage templates. Thanks to the varied selection of templates, this theme can be used to create a range of websites that sell books, whether you want to promote your offline bookshop or start listing books for sale online. In addition to the library of page templates that come with Bookworm, you also get access to multiple header layouts to help you get the navigation area of your site looking just right. For more creative options, Bookworm comes with over 35 editable blocks that can be used via the default WordPress editor (Gutenberg). Thanks to this, you get an easy way to control the design of your site without the need to install any additional plugins. Full WooCommerce support makes it easy to launch a custom bookstore website with Bookwork.

Savant is a cutting edge book shop topic with 13 unique landing page layouts.

On account of the changed choice of layouts, this subject can be utilized to make a scope of sites that sell books, whether you need to advance your disconnected bookshop or begin posting books available to be purchased on the web.

Notwithstanding the library of page formats that accompany Bookworm, you additionally gain admittance to different header designs to assist you with getting the route region of your site looking perfectly. For more innovative choices, Bookworm accompanies north of 35 editable squares that can be utilized by means of the default WordPress proofreader (Gutenberg). On account of this, you get a simple method for controlling the plan of your site without the need to introduce any extra modules.

Full WooCommerce support makes it simple to send off a custom book shop site with Bookwork.

5. Bookshelf


Bookshelf is an ecommerce WordPress theme that works well for selling eBooks, audiobooks, and other types of products online.

Although powerful ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce make it possible to sell almost any type of product online, if you do want to sell a range of items from your website, it’s a good idea to choose a theme built with this type of project in mind. Bookshelf is a good example of this type of theme as it has layouts and templates for listing not just eBooks and printed books, but also audiobooks, video games, videos, and more. So if you want to create an online store dealing in a range of physical and digital products, Bookshelf could be a good option for your project.

Another interesting aspect of Bookshelf is that it has been produced to integrate heavily with the LearnDash plugin. This popular and powerful eLearning tool makes it possible to publish online courses on your WordPress website.

Most good themes will work with LearnDash. However choosing a theme built with this plugin in mind, such as Bookshelf, does simplify the process of publishing courses online as you get access to all the templates your learning content should need. So if you want to offer courses from your website, maybe covering lessons on how to write a book, or study guides for understanding certain books, Bookshelf should have the necessary features.

As well as being ideal for publishing a range of content, Bookshelf can also be used to promote events online. Therefore, if you want to share the details of an upcoming or ongoing book tour, publicise a literary festival, or promote the details of writing classes, Bookshelf, and the included Tribe Events Calendar plugin, make it possible.

Bookshelf is packed with features and could be one of the most versatile bookstore themes for selling books with WordPress.

6. Scientia


Scientia is a library and book shop WordPress topic for certain extremely appealing formats.

While Scientia should function admirably for a scope of book-related sites, it has all that you’d anticipate from an exceptional book shop WordPress topic. Consequently, to sell books online from your WordPress site, Scientia is surely fit for making this kind of website.

To guarantee you’re ready to set your book shop up in the correct manner, Scientia has been worked to completely uphold the most recent variant of the famous WooCommerce module. On account of this, whether you need to sell actual books or carefully downloadable eBooks, Scientia and WooCommerce make it conceivable. While WooCommerce gives the web based business usefulness, the Scientia topic has every one of the layouts your web-based book shop will require. These layouts cover the item pages, the client account region, and the checkout pages, to give some examples.

To advance any of the occasions that you hold at your book shop, Scientia has great help for that, as well. By utilizing the discretionary Events Calendar module, you can utilize the occasions formats of Scientia to distribute the subtleties of what’s occurring at your store. On the off chance that you empower the upheld Booked module too, you can without much of a stretch offer your guests the chance of booking a spot at your occasions – all through your site.

Adding a blog to share the most recent news and subtleties of new deliveries on your site is absolutely conceivable, because of the choice of blog entry layouts that accompany Scientia. As this subject is viable with the most recent variant of the WordPress proofreader, you can utilize the new square based framework to make a few intriguing designs for your blog entries and different pages on your webpage. Scientia was worked to work with the Elementor page developer module, as well, enabling you to alter all of the topic layouts through an intuitive connection point.

Assuming you’d like your book shop to have a perfect and quick stacking plan, Scientia has a few layouts you may be keen on.

7. Booklovers


Booklovers is a WordPress subject that you can use to make a site for a distributing house.

Booklovers is more than equipped for making an internet based book shop with WordPress. Nonetheless, it’s additionally reasonable for making a site for a book distributing organization. Moreover, you can consolidate these two parts of the Booklovers subject to send off a site for a distributing house that likewise sells books straightforwardly to guests on the web. The four site demos in the Booklovers topic bundle will assist you with sending off a scope of book-related locales with WordPress, so anything sort of task you’re chipping away at, make certain to look at them.

In the same way as other of the other book shop WordPress subjects highlighted here, Booklovers has been worked around the WooCommerce module. Because of this, when you initiate this subject on your site, and afterward design the settings, you’ll have the option to gather installments on the web, deal with your stock through the WordPress Dashboard, and set your website up to naturally convey eBooks to your clients.

To assist you with advancing your books on the web, the Booklovers subject incorporates the premium and strong Slider Revolution module at no additional expense. With this apparatus on your site, you can make fascinating slideshows to advance your most recent books, share the subtleties of your highlighted writers, or show the advantages of your distributing organization. As these sliders support video and sound substance, as well as message and pictures, there’s no restriction to the sort of introductions you can make for your site.

With regards to getting your site looking precisely the way in which you need it to, the superior WPBakery Page Builder module is additionally included with this subject. Because of this, every one of the formats that make up Booklovers can be altered through an intuitive supervisor. You can likewise change different parts of the plan of your site, through the subject choices board.

Booklovers has an accommodating fast beginning manual for make your book-related site ready.

8. ChapterOne


ChapterOne is a WordPress bookstore theme that’s also aimed at book publishers and authors.

If you want to create a website for your book publishing business or build a site to promote your work as an author, ChapterOne can definitely help. It’s also a great option for launching online bookstores, so if your goals are covered by one of those use cases, ChapterOne could be the theme for you.

The six website demos in the ChapterOne package cover a range of projects and design styles. From creating a website to promote and sell an audiobook online to building a children’s bookstore, ChapterOne covers a lot of scenarios, including creating a general-purpose bookstore website.

While the designs of the pre-built templates in the ChapterOne theme package are unique, they do have a look that will be familiar to anyone who has visited an online bookstore recently. Thanks to this, your visitors will know exactly what type of website they’ve arrived at when they follow a link to your store or find your site via a search engine. Hopefully, this will make them feel at home and encourage them to browse your inventory.

Due to the way the templates of the ChapterOne theme have been built, you can display lots of useful elements in the pages of your online bookstore. Some examples include image sliders that can share the details of your featured books, products sliders that let your visitors scroll through a selection of your books without having to load a new page, and a panel for highlighting featured authors with links to the books they’ve written that are available at your online store.

If you want to add a blog to your bookstore, that enables you to share the details of upcoming releases or other relevant information, ChapterOne has all the templates you’ll need. There’s also support for publishing event details on your site and covering things such as book signings and talks from authors. As this is a bookstore theme, all the ecommerce templates you’ll need are included too.

If you’re looking for a versatile WordPress bookstore theme, be sure to take a closer look at ChapterOne.

9. Auteur


Auteur is a WordPress topic for writers, commentators, and distributers who might want to sell or advance books on the web.

Whether you need to make a book audits blog, fabricate a webpage to advance your work as a writer, or sell books on the web, Auteur ought to have all that you really want. The four different landing page formats in the Auteur bundle cover a scope of situations and book-related projects, making this a changed subject that should speak to a wide crowd.

Bloggers, or the people who need to add a blog to their book site, should observe the 10 different blog formats an engaging part of the Auteur subject. Because of these designs, each time you distribute another book audit, news story, or one more piece of content on your site, you can browse a decent scope of layouts.

Assuming that the four landing page formats, the choice of blog layouts, and the other pre-assembled content in the Auteur bundle aren’t sufficient, this topic additionally accompanies the strong WPBakery Page Builder module to give you the usefulness expected to modify those designs or make new and extraordinary plans without any preparation. You can likewise tweak your substance by utilizing the new form of the WordPress manager (Gutenberg) and the choice of squares that have been worked for it that accompany the Auteur subject.

As this topic was worked for selling books on the web, it has all the internet business layouts you should require. On account of its help for WooCommerce, you can utilize the most well known web-based store manufacturer module to drive your internet based book shop.

A portion of the other outstanding elements of Auteur incorporate the super menu developer instrument that can assist you with improving the route region of your site, the a single tick demo installer to accelerate the most common way of beginning your site, and the premium slideshow manufacturer for making intelligent introductions for advancing your most recent books.

Auteur is great for selling books on the web, however this topic can do significantly something other than that.

10. Livre


Livre is a superior WooCommerce topic for making on the web book shops with WordPress.

As Livre has been worked around the adaptable WooCommerce module, you can straightforwardly sell actual books from your site as you can sell advanced eBooks. As WooCommerce upholds both the posting and selling of computerized downloads and actual items, Livre has reasonable formats for the two sorts of things.

Assuming that you really do choose to utilize the Livre topic and WooCommerce module, your site can likewise deal with the programmed conveyance of computerized things, like eBooks, whenever installment has been made by the client. Livre has been worked to work with the multivendor commercial center extra for WooCommerce as well, providing you with the choice of allowing writers to join at your store and rundown their own books available to be purchased.

Beside the internet business usefulness of Livre and its suggested modules, this topic incorporates a decent scope of choices for how your web-based book shop site will look. There are truth be told 14 different landing page demos in the Livre bundle, so regardless kind of book shop related site you need to make, you should track down a decent choice here.

A few instances of the demos in the Livre bundle incorporate a plan that has been worked to advance another book, one that functions admirably for making a webpage for a writer and posting the books they’ve composed, and obviously, maybe one or two demos for making on the web book shop sites selling things from numerous writers.

There’s additionally a demo for advancing a forthcoming book visit, which incorporates subtleties of the occasions, with ticket giving and selling abilities. Making a book blog is one more use for this adaptable WordPress subject. There are three point of arrival layouts too, making Livre a reasonable choice for anybody who needs to rapidly send off a solitary page site with subtleties of an approaching delivery.

Livre can be utilized to make practically any kind of book-related site with WordPress, including on the web book shops.

11. Lorem Ipsum


Lorem Ipsum is a WordPress theme for selling books and creating online media stores.

As well as being suitable for creating online bookstores with WordPress, Lorem Ipsum can be used to produce a website for a library, launch a literature blog, and build many other similar types of sites. You can also sell music and video files from your website with Lorem Ipsum, and even deliver courses online.

With so many uses for this theme, you might think that you’ll be overwhelmed by its features and functionality. However, to help overcome this, the theme developers of Lorem Ipsum have produced lots of useful documentation to ensure you’re able to create the website you want. The one-click demo importer tool can help with getting started too, making it easy to lay the foundation for your new bookstore or another type of website.

If you take a look at the four website demos that you get access to if you choose Lorem Ipsum for your project, you can get a good idea of the pre-built content in the theme package. The homepage layouts have been populated with useful elements, such as product grids that let you prominently display a selection of your featured books, a panel for promotions and offers that allows your visitors to access your books and other content at reduced rates,

and a section for displaying quotes, testimonials, and feedback from customers, authors, or anyone else related to your website. As well as the homepage layouts, you also get access to a good selection of other templates, including a few different blog-related layouts to help you publish your latest news and other content online. There’s a premium page builder included too, giving you full creative control over the appearance of your website and its pages.

Lorem Ipsum has been regularly updated and now includes even more useful features for your bookstore website.

12. Writer


Essayist has three distinct landing page layouts for your internet based book shop site.

Albeit this topic functions admirably for making writer and author sites and websites with WordPress, it’s likewise an extraordinary decision for building an internet based book shop. The fundamental landing page format in the Writer topic bundle incorporates web based business components that will be valuable for anybody setting up a web-based store for selling books on the web.

A few instances of those online business components incorporate the item areas that can be utilized to show top rated things or highlighted books that you might want to advance on the landing page of your website and a huge slider that is great for showing photographs of books and writers.

As this topic was worked for use with the strong WooCommerce module, you can utilize this free module and its a huge number to add innumerable internet business highlights and usefulness to your book shop, that will allow you to list your items, process requests, and gather installments in practically some way that you need.

While the Writer subject is extraordinary for ordinary book shop sites, its likewise very appropriate to specialty projects, for example, destinations selling advanced eBooks or book recordings, or in any event, making a book shop where numerous writers can join and rundown their books available to be purchased.

As referenced, Writer has a differed determination of great formats that should cover every one of the sorts of pages you’ll need to add to your site. Notwithstanding, if you need to alter these layouts or make new ones without any preparation, the WPBakery Page Builder module is incorporated with this subject to make that conceivable. Nonetheless, with loads of upscale blog entry formats for sharing news on your site, also numerous different designs, you should view as the vast majority, of the substance you need to add to your web-based bookshop, is covered by the layouts of the Writer topic.

Author is a book-centered WordPress topic that is great for selling and advancing books on the web.

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