ISP Billing and Management Software in Bangladesh With Mikrotik Support

W3 ISP Billing is an ISP management system which helps you to manage your ISP business smoothly. W3 ISP Billing is developed for ISP and Cable business owners in Bangladesh. We developed W3 ISP Billing in a way so that entrepreneurs, startups and ISP/Cable business owners can run their business smoothly and in the right way in Bangladesh. This is one of the best ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh.

Now you can manage your business on the go from anywhere by any device. Forget about puzzling manual token system to keep clients payment and other records. W3 ISP Billing System gives you a smooth digital opportunity to deal with those manual boring tasks. All of your’s needs is packed in one system including Auto Generating Invoices and Bills, Online Payments, Income/Expense etc.

More and more are coming every month, so what are you waiting for grab this awesome and the best application to manage your whole ISP/Cable business.

W3 ISP Billing System is very clean, simple and easy to use. W3 ISP Billing UI/UX design is so friendly that anyone could use it. W3 ISP Billing is responsive and bug-free. W3 ISP Billing.  This is the one of most advance W3 ISP Billing System in Bangladesh.

W3 ISP Billing System

W3 ISP Billing System comes with Mikrotik API support. These features allow you to make automation your ISP system.

Requirements For Mikrotik

1. RouterOS Minimum Version 3
2. API Service Enable
3. Firewall Open For API 8728/tcp & 8729/tcsp (For SSL)
4. PHP stream_socket_client() Enable in server/host

W3 ISP Billing System Features

  • Beautiful Dashboard
  • Multiple Powerful Widgets
  • Support Radius (AAA)
  • Support Mikrotik API
  • Unlimited NAS / Router
  • Support Custom Attributes
  • Staff Attendance & Permission
  • Inventory / Stock
  • Re-Sellers Business
  • Static IP & MAC Lock
  • Auto SMS Notification
  • Payments Chart
  • Income & Expense Chart
  • User Chart By Area
  • User Chart By Staff
  • User Statistic
  • Invoice Statistic
  • Payment Statistic
  • Income/Expense Statistic
  • Recent Users List
  • Add User
  • Manage User
  • Auto User Connection ID & Pass Generate
  • Auto Generate Invoice & Bills
  • Manually Add Invoice & Bills
  • Browse Bills (Paid & Unpaid)
  • Make Bills Paid & Unpaid Bills (4 Ways)
  • Add Package With 5 Extra Dynamic Charges
  • Manage All Packages
  • Manage All Invoices
  • Print Invoice
  • Generate Invoice’s PDF
  • Payment By bKash
  • Payment By SSL Commerz
  • Local/Manually Payment
  • Manage All Payments
  • 6 Payment Widgets
  • Browse Payments By Month
  • Browse Payments By Year
  • Add Income/Expense
  • Manage Income/Expense
  • 6 Income/Expense Widgets
  • Browse Income/Expense By Month
  • Browse Income/Expense By Year
  • Auto Income Listed When Payments Made
  • Add Area
  • Manage Area With Users, Active Users, Pending & Line Man
  • Add Staff
  • Manage Staffs With Users, Active Users & Pending Users
  • Import Mass Users Data
  • Export Data (Print, PDF, Copy, CSV & Excel)
  • All Global Currency Support
  • Auto Vat Calculation
  • User Individual Dashboard
  • User Can View Their Invoices
  • User Can View Their Payments
  • User Can Edit Name, Image and Pass
  • User Can Browse Their Bills By Month/Year
  • Invoice & Payments Notification By SMS & Emails (Nexmo, Twilio & Mailgun)
  • Ticket System

There are 50+ Features available on our ISP Billing System

We Offer Best Price for ISP Billing System in Bangladesh

BasicFor Sub ISP৳20500/1time

  • 1 License/One Domain
  • 3 Months Free Support & Updates
  • ৳1250/m For Support & Update
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1st Time Free Remote Installation
  • Reseller N/A
  • HRM N/A
  • Inventory N/A
  • Local SMS & Payment Gateway N/A
  • Friendly Support
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ENTREPRISEFor Nationwide ISP৳45000/1time

  • 1 License/One Domain
  • 3 Months Free Support & Updates
  • ৳1250/m For Support & Update
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1st Time Free Remote Installation
  • Reseller
  • HRM
  • Inventory
  • Local SMS & Payment Gateway
  • Friendly Support
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Minimum Server Requirements for ISP Billing System

CPU: 2 Core
Storage: 80 GB
OS: Ubuntu Server 64 bit 18.04

Features Gallery of ISP Billing System

W3 ISP Billing System 1
W3 ISP Billing System 11
W3 ISP Billing System 2
W3 ISP Billing System 22
W3 ISP Billing System 3
W3 ISP Billing System 4
W3 ISP Billing System 44
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W3 ISP Billing System 6
W3 ISP Billing System 66
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