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10 Best WordPress Food Delivery Restaurants Themes 2021

Restaurants Themes

Food Delivery Restaurants Themes 2021

Restaurants Themes At the point when you’re maintaining a food conveyance business, the subject you pick can significantly affect the number of potential clients who choose to put orders. This is the reason it’s basic to require some investment and investigate the different choices that are accessible.

To track down the right food conveyance subject, you’ll need to realize what provisions you’re searching for. For instance, you might require a topic that can deal with numerous installment processors, and offers warnings to alarm every client of their request status. You may likewise need a subject that is not difficult to utilize and redo by means of page manufacturers.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty tracking down the ideal arrangement, relax. There are a lot of choices to browse! In this assortment, we’ll acquaint you with ten of the best food conveyance WordPress topics.

1. Lafka


Lafka is a WordPress theme for food delivery service websites of all types.

Whether you’re delivering pizza, burgers, or something more sophisticated Lafka is a food delivery theme that should work well for your business. The features and templates of this theme support combo products and variable add-ons as well as product builders. Thanks to this, your customers can personalize their orders to get exactly what they want.

Lafka has good WooCommerce support for handling payments. You can also enable the push notification feature to keep your visitors up to date on your services. As all of the features of Lafka can be easily customized, you can decide which of them to use and how they work on your site.

Lafka has seven ready-made demos that will help you get your food delivery website looking just right.

2. FoodBakery


FoodBakery has multiple stylish food delivery website demos.

Despite the name, this theme isn’t only suitable for bakery websites. The demos cover food courts, Mexican restaurants, and a delivery app-style website to make this a versatile food delivery WordPress theme. If you choose the food stop demo, you can list multiple restaurants and food outlets on your website. Visitors can then choose where they’d like to order from, decide which items they’d like, then place their order through your website.

Some of the features that might make FoodBakery the right choice for your website include geolocation-based search, social media logins, and support for accepting customer reviews. When it comes to monetizing your site, you can use the WooCommerce plugin to collect payments. You can also collect commissions on each order that you process as well as charge restaurants a recurring fee to be listed on your site.

Well-designed front-end submission forms and merchant dashboards ensure your website is easy to use.

3. Madang


Madang has a clean and modern design for your food delivery website.

Madang is aimed at delivery services that specialize in healthy foods. However, as this theme is easy to adjust, it can also be quickly tweaked to suit a wider variety of foods. To help you make any changes, Madang comes with its own integrated page builder tool.

One of the best reasons to choose Madang is that it has lots of features for anyone offering meal plans and weekly food packages. While it does work well for individual meal deliveries, if you are offering your customers food deliveries that cover multiple days, this theme was built with you in mind. Also, if you’re offering a nutrition service alongside your deliveries, then Madang has templates for that, too. The other templates give you a good opportunity to explain exactly how your service works as well as display important information like pricing, menu categories, and delivery options.

Madang is a theme that’s ideal for anyone offering subscription-based food delivery services.

4. Fooddy 24/7

Fooddy 24/7 has been designed for individual restaurants and multi-vendor food delivery services.

Both restaurant owners who want a website to promote their delivery service and companies that deliver food from multiple outlets will find this theme meets their needs. The two main homepage demos can be set up in exactly the way you want, whether you want to list all of the different restaurants you deliver food from, or you want to promote your own restaurant.

In addition to the homepage templates, Fooddy 24/7 is packed with other pre-built content to help you quickly populate your website with useful content. Some examples include the menu templates for publishing what’s available as well as the delivery service instruction content that’s ideal for explaining how it all works. If you want to share the latest news from your business, you can use the blog and gallery templates to publish photos and other content to attract new customers.

To help you manage your deliveries, Fooddy 24/7 was built to work with the freemium Product Delivery Date plugin.

5. Meals & Wheels


Meals & Wheels makes it easy to share the details of the food you deliver.

The Meals & Wheels demo and templates have been designed for services that specialize in fast food and food truck deliveries. While you can easily edit the templates to suit a different purpose, the images and other visual elements of the Meals & Wheels demos really work well for food trucks and fast food-type dishes.

Thanks to the stylish templates, you can display your menus in an attractive way that not only looks good but is very easy to read. You can also use the pre-built slider to showcase some of your best items and give them the coverage they deserve. Social media integration features give you a quick way to display content from your accounts, while the WooCommerce and Product Delivery Date plugin support should provide the functionality you need to successfully manage orders.

Meals & Wheels is compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin to give you lots of creative options.

6. Fitmeal


Fitmeal is another option for companies that specialize in healthy food deliveries.

Whether you’re offering one-off meal deliveries or a subscription service, Fitmeal will help you to explain and promote your service in style. As this is a food delivery theme with a health focus, the design of the templates reflects this with their clean, modern, and minimal style.

The five demos that come with Fitmeal are all related to food and nutrition. However, the food delivery demo is the one readers of this guide will be most interested in. The homepage layout of the food delivery demo lets you clearly display the types of meals you provide as well as explain how your service works. You can also use the other templates to share recipes, details of how your meals are prepared, and tips on healthy eating and nutrition.

The inclusion of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin makes it easy to edit all of the Fitmeal templates.

7. Foodmood


Foodmood is a food delivery theme that is aimed at fast-food delivery services.

If you want to quickly launch a website for a burger delivery business, then the main demo of Foodmood will help you to get your site online as quickly as possible. If you’re offering other types of food for delivery, Foodmood will still work, but you might need to make a few adjustments to the templates. Doing so isn’t a problem, though, thanks to support for the Elementor page builder plugin. To enhance Elementor, this theme comes with a package of over 30 extra elements for this popular plugin.

As the templates have menu, delivery, and opening hours sections you can simply edit this information to display the details for your business. You can also use the Instagram section to display the latest photos from your account, simply by entering your account details.

Foodmood has a fun and colorful design that makes it perfect for fast food businesses.

8. Grand Restaurant


Grand Restaurant has 15 demos for creating food-related websites with WordPress.

The demos that come with this theme have been designed for a range of restaurants. Due to this, no matter what style of food you’re serving, you should be able to find a set of templates in the Grand Restaurant package that’s ready to go. Although Grand Restaurant has lots of features for regular restaurant owners, this theme also works really well for food delivery services.

The features of Grand Restaurant and the recommended WooCommerce plugin make it easy to add as many products to your site as you need. You can also create add-ons for your products that let your customers tailor their orders to meet their requirements.  The food delivery templates of Grand Restaurant ensure that this part of your website has a design that’s consistent with the rest of your site.

Grand Restaurant also has a reservation system for accepting in-person bookings.

9. Fast Food


Fast Food has multiple website demos for different types of foods.

If your business serves up good food quickly, then the Fast Food theme could be the one for you. The demos cover burger joints, vegan eateries, pizza restaurants, and food trucks making this a theme with wide appeal. All of the demos have access to the food delivery features of the Fast Food theme, giving you the option of setting up a site for a restaurant that also does food deliveries or a business that’s focused only on deliveries.

When setting up this theme, you can publish the menu details on your website as well as use the download buttons to link to a PDF version of your menu. Fast Food also supports online reservations so your visitors can book a table if they’d rather eat in.

If you want to sell items from your website, such as merch or accessories, Fast Food can handle that, too.

10. Picante


Picante has some attractive templates that will give your food business site an inviting look.

With 10 different demos to choose from, Picante is a good example of a multi-purpose food WordPress theme. The focus of Picante isn’t entirely on helping you to set up a website for a food delivery service, but it shouldn’t be a problem to enable this feature for your restaurant website.

Thanks to a large library of templates and good levels of WooCommerce plugin support, you’ll be able to handle a range of reservations, orders, and transactions through your website if you choose Picante. The templates give you lots of chances to share photos of your restaurant and its food. Therefore, if you want to use powerful imagery to entice new customers, Picante is well worth checking out.

Picante is a food-friendly WordPress theme with a premium design.

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